10 things they don’t tell you about the gun range

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Ladies, Do you know what to expect on your first trip to the gun range? Of course there are guns but what is it they don’t tell you?

1) Dress like one of the boys

That flannel shirt that you love, your favorite hoodie, that cute baseball cap you love on bad hair days… PERFECT.

How you dress depends on whether the gun range is outdoor or indoor. Indoor is easy to plan for. If I’m shooting outdoors, I’ll typically layer my outwear according the the predicted temperature that day.

2) Don’t wear your good shoes

If you are visiting a range, leave your good shoes in the car. Whether indoor or outdoor, you are guaranteed to step on brass casings. If it’s an outdoor range, wear your rain boots as they tend to be very muddy after a rainy day.

3) Expect VERY loud noise

Guess what… Gunfire is LOUD, which is why ear protection is not only recommended but mandatory. The sound of a single shot can cause hearing loss! You can used regular foam earplugs or ear muffs. Be sure to research the level of noise protection provided by your choice of protection.

4) Strangers will be happy to assist you

I know that visiting a gun range for the time can be intimidating with Firearms being a male-dominated industry but skilled strangers are always willing to offer advice and guidance to newbies! In addition, every range has certified Range Officers on staff to monitor Firearm safety.

5) Guys love our Pink

Yes they talk junk about our pink but GUYS LOVE OUR PINK. Pink is a sign of femininity so naturally it draws a mans eye. I had a great time laughing at the fella checking out my pink camo range bag for his wife.

6) They think we are gun dumb

Face it ladies it’s just certain things that men think we don’t know! Guns are one if them. They will be quick to critique you on everything so do yourself a favor and do some training that includes safety and marksmanship. Also know how your firearm operates.


Know the rules of Firearm Safety and always keep the gun unloaded until ready to use, treat EVERY gun as if it is loaded, NEVER place your hand on the trigger until your are ready to shoot. Know your target and what is beyond.

8) Guns are for girls

Don’t be conformed by society and think that having a gun makes you a killer when it can most likely keep you from getting killed instead. I am #NeverAVictim knowing that if someone comes into my home I can protect my family!

There is much debate as to whether or not a gun in the home is more detrimental to the owner as many argue that it can be used against them. This is where firearm safety training is crucial. Know your firearm, know how to operate it properly, keep it cleaned and ready for use and ALWAYS have a plan for self-defense in your home!

9) Pick your own gun!

Picking out your gun is very personal. I recommend going to range Thant offers hanging rental so that you can shoot several models from revolver to semi automatic.

10) You belong!

Women are the fastest growing consumer in the gun industry today. Gun shops now offer women specific holsters and accessories while many shooting ranges provide women’s only courses and ladies night events.Your first trip may be a little awkward, which is expected for anything new but after that you’ll know exactly what to expect. So grab your range bag and go!

When is the last time you made a trip to the gun range?

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